ActivTrak – Net View Window

The Net View window shows the active application information for all the computers on your network. It is also the starting point for opening other window types, for displaying information about individual computers – snapshots, log histories, etc. You can create multiple Net Views focusing on differnent domains, subnets, or IP ranges if you have appropriate network rights.

Net View Window

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Snapshot (with menu expanded)

Snapshot windows contain screen images from an individual workstation. They are captured in realtime and show the current activity in the user’s session. An auto refresh feature can be set to recapture the screen as often as every second.

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Workstation Log

The Workstation Log contains the application usage history for a single workstation. Unlike the Net View which displays in realtime, the workstation log includes a “Duration”column. If there are multiple users of a workstation all, users records are included in the same log. Filtering based on column values can be used to reduce the display or to apply color highlights.

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Log Analysis

The Log Analysis window displays a summary of an associated Workstation Log with the following information expandable table:

  • The most used applications with total time and percentage of application time
  • The most used window titles for each application with total time
  • The most used web sites with total time and percentage of web time
  • The most used pages for each web site with total time Analysis with Application expanded.

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Log Analysis (with window titles expanded)

In the Log Analysis window above, the Internet Explorer application line is expanded showing the most frequently active window titles. If the application were Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader, the widow titles would show the most frequently active documents.

Expanding a website shows the most frequently used sub pages for that site. As with all ActivTrak windows, double clicking an underlined URL opens that page in your browser.

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Alarm History

The Alarm History window shows the administrator configued alarms that have been triggered. Alarms are based on user application activity and can be set to send notification in the form of popup messages, email, SMS and/or record snapshots or terminate the user’s application.

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