Video Playback

ActivTrak Video Playback cuts out the guesswork when it comes to visually analyzing recorded activities. Whether you need to troubleshoot a computer error, investigate a data breach, or understand an employee’s workflow, administrators can have more context to clarify the events surrounding an action.

Using Alarms to Produce Video

When creating an Alarm, Video Capture can be selected as an action that will trigger when a user’s activity meets predefined conditions. When triggered, the agent records a video of the activity displayed on a user’s screen. By default, a video starts with the triggering event and lasts for 15 seconds. Turning on the optional prerecord setting tells the Agent to also include the 15 seconds leading up to the triggering event.

Team meeting at conference table

You're in the Director's Seat

Since videos are directly linked to customizable alarms, administrators have complete control over what footage is gathered. You decide exactly what to pinpoint. Record only the actions of certain users. Designate which conditions trigger the recording, like time spent in an app or USB storage activity. You can even be notified via email when a video has been captured.

Video alarm tutorial

Frame by Frame Visibility

Thorough investigations require as much information as possible. Data gathering is simplified through the integration of the video and alarm details panes to the right of the video player and the Activity Log directly below it. displays. With Video Playback, essential activity details like log time, title bar, application name, URL, user name, and alarm conditions are linked in time with the video.

User activity monitoring

Binge Watch Your Videos

The user interface of the video playback page is designed to give the viewer an experience similar to browsing popular video streaming sites. In the full screen view, administrators can access other videos in the same window as the video player. Playback controls, frame-by-frame scrubbing, and playlist autoplay make video reviewing a user-friendly experience.

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