Screenshot Flagging

With ActivTrak’s unparalleled flexibility you can configure your account to take tons of screenshots or none at all. Either way, you get a complete picture of the activity happening on your machines.

On average, if you’ve configured your account to take screenshot regularly, we’ve found that one user generates somewhere around 1,000 screenshots every month.

If you’ve configured your account for more granular reporting this can quickly grow to 3, 4, or 5 times as many screenshots per user — it’s really up to you. Granular reporting is inefficient without granular search capabilities.

With Screenshot Flagging, we’ve taken the manual work out of searching for explicit content. One click of a button quickly brings all NSFW activity to the top of your page.

ActivTrak's Screenshot flagging UI for their User Behavior analytics and Employee monitoring Software

Our flagging service analyzes the content of every screen captured by ActivTrak to accurately label and categorize unsafe content into three categories of interest — medical, violence, and adult. This simple filtering functionality makes it incredibly efficient identify activity that does not fit within your company policies.

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