Data Connect Templates

A bar chart showing focus time % vs average focused hours/day. The bars are green, yellow or orange.

Activity Analysis

Analyze how an individual’s day compares vs their team and peers in terms of major activities. Drill down to specific applications and sites used in the bar chart.

Weekly Activity

Managers and individuals can track key activity, productivity & focus statistics. Compare activity breakdown against your recent past and against a team average.

Productivity Trends

Understand your productivity & focus trends at the organization level and by teams.

Productivity Patterns

Identify the patterns of productivity & focus by day of the week and time of the day. Identify valuable insights related to work habits and work location.

Productivity Leaderboard

Analyze productivity & focus metrics for different users and benchmark them vs their peers and the team average.

Working Hours Analysis

Analyze the breakdown of active, productive and focused time by day & user. Drill down into the top categories and apps/sites by clicking on a user from the top grid.

Employee Burnout Risk

Proactively identify team members that may be exhibiting signs of burnout (e.g. working long hours and at off hours consistently).

Multitasking Distractions

Identify apps and sites that are routinely sources of context switching or distractions for different team members so they can develop strategies to maximize focus and reduce poor multitasking habits.

Application/Website Usage

Understand each application/site usage patterns & trends by team and individuals. Drill-down into a specific application or site to filter the information on the charts.

Application/Website Compliance

Identify unclassified and new apps/sites used by teams so they can be reviewed for approval.

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