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Describing ActivTrak

Short Description:


ActivTrak is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install free cloud-based monitoring service allowing employers of on-site and remote workers to monitor web and application usage, better-improving performance and workplace control.


Developed by Birch Grove Software, ActivTrak is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics service that allows businesses to gain insights on and improve employee productivity.

As a freemium service easily installed on an employee’s desktop to measure activity, the ActivTrak platform provides valuable aggregate data on a company’s day-by-day performance, with information displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard.

The company’s software is easy to install, and data transfer is encrypted, ensuring protection and security. For more information, or to try free for your team, please visit



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The Product:

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In the News



ActivTrak has been proudly featured in the following publications:

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Media Contact: 

Ramiz Khan

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