Product Training Webcast:

How to Leverage ActivTrak to Improve Security

ActivTrak test is used by businesses to keep track of employee computer activities such as application usage, internet browsing, active and idle computer time, social networking interactions, and much more. There are also a lot of security benefits for an organization using this powerful platform. Join us for this FREE 1-hour training to learn how you can take advantage of ActivTrak to improve your security posture.

During this training webcast, you’ll learn how to quickly configure the platform to:

  • Monitor and control user activity to ensure compliance with security policies
  • Redact sensitive data for compliance and privacy
  • Automate risk detection and trigger actions like screenshots, application termination and website blocking
  • Detect behavioral anomalies and perform forensic investigations to quickly identify security breaches

Hosted By: Mark Allen

ActivTrak Product Team & Security Engineer

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