How To Get Started

How do I Get Started with ActivTrak?
  1. Create a free account
  2. Install the Agent on a target workstation

After that, your account will start receiving usage data within 2-3 minutes, and you’ll start seeing your report populate. Your dashboard is a great place to start looking around and analyzing your data.

Try creating your first alarm (or activating preset alarms) once the agent has been installed on your workstations. Alarms are powerful tools that can accelerate your goal of boosting productivity across your organization.

The last couple things you might want to setup to get your account rolling is to block some websites and start categorizing usage data reported to your account.

Before you start:

ActivTrak can help you better understand your team by measuring key metrics and productive usage data, then providing valuable insights on your team’s performance. In order to continue doing so, we recommend being absolutely sure of the following before starting your project:

  • Make sure you’re only collecting usage data from computers that belong to you, or where you have full legal, administrative rights.
  • We recommend you to develop an internet and computer usage guidelines, and make it accessible so your team is aware of them. If you’re not sure they know about it, we recommend holding a meeting, sending an email or posting a sign detailing the information before implementing ActivTrak.
  • ActivTrak makes business processes more transparent, and because of this, your account will capture productive and unproductive activities. We ask that you try to focus on the positive aspect of your usage data. ActivTrak proves itself best as a means to uncover how stellar employees operate, and how to replicate and scale their productive practices across your company.

Please read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before installing the ActivTrak Agent on any device to ensure you’re in accordance with our terms of service.

ActivTrak is a free cloud-based monitoring service. By tracking web and application usage, it answers the question “Who’s doing what and for how long.”

  • It only takes your email address and a few seconds to create a free account. Just enter your address and click. You’ll be taken to your personal account on our secure server to set your password.
  • Download an invisible Agent from your Dashboard. Every copy is unique and will only report data to your account.
  • Run the Agent on any workstation you’d like to monitor. Installation is silent and doesn’t show any confirmation messages to the user.
  • Two to three minutes after you install your first agent, data will start appearing on your Dashboard.
  • Simple yet powerful reports on websites, apps and productivity help you analyze the activities of an entire company or a single employee.
  • The screenshots tab contains screen images from monitored workstations. The rules for taking snapshots can be defined in the Alarms tab.
  • You can set alarms to notify you of application use events on remote workstations. Notifications can be delivered in any combination of the following forms: Screenshots, Popup messages, Email or Termination of the user application.
  • ActivTrak has a wide range of configurable options. Most of them are preset by default for optimal performance. You can stop monitoring at any time. To uninstall the Agent from your PC, right-click on the downloaded file and select uninstall.
  • Feel free to initiate а live chat session with technical support at any time by using the Help Widget.

Getting started is easy. Be up and running in minutes

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