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Do I have to be logged in for ActivTrak to monitor?

No, you do not have to login for the ActivTrak Agent to monitor activity. Once installed, the Agent starts collecting data automatically and continuously sends that data to the cloud. Log in to your account any time from any computer or laptop to see the data.

However, by logging in to your account, you can take advantage of Real-Time Monitoring. Real-time Monitoring lets administrators view a live data stream of the active window on any monitored device’s screen and monitor user activity as it’s being transmitted to the system without having to navigate through reports.

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How many days of Activity Reports can be stored in my free account?

You can store virtually years of logs using 3GB of free storage. However, keeping your screenshots takes up a lot of space. Based on our estimated averages, 3GB is enough for storing 5,000 to 6,000 screenshots. It’s hard to get more accurate numbers, as it depends on how many users you have, how large your screens are, what is displayed on the screens, and how often do you take screenshots.

You can change the number and frequency of when screenshots are captured in the Alarms tab.

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Is it possible to install the ActivTrak Agent in a PC that accesses the internet through a proxy server?

Yes. This should not be a problem. The ActivTrak agent uses WinHTTP, so to configure it for a proxy use the following command on Windows 7 or Vista.

From a command prompt with admin rights, run something like

netsh winhttp set proxy


netsh winhttp set proxy 111.222.333.444:80

Type ‘netsh winhttp’ for help.

On Windows XP download and use Proxycfg.exe.

Future versions of the ActivTrak agent will have more options.

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Is stopping the Agent service in a workstation the same as uninstalling it?

Q: Is stopping the Agent service in a workstation the same as uninstalling it? Even if I stop the service in a workstation, the Dashboard is reporting the same numbers of users.

A: No, it is not the same. Stopping the service will temporarily stop the reporting, but the Agent is still installed on your workstations. If the computer is restarted and the service is configured to start automatically, as is the default, the service will begin reporting again.

To completely remove the ActivTrak, you must uninstall it.

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Is there any indication in the ActivTrak control panel that the service has been stopped?

All ActivTrak service stops and starts are recorded in the Activity Log. However, stops will only be reported after the service is restarted. You can also see if an Agent is actively reporting by going to the Reports/Agents page.

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During installation, it told me to enter an admin password.

For security reasons, you must have admin rights on the workstation you are trying to monitor.

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