ActivTrak™ for Enterprise Organizations

If your organization needs a large deployment, ActivTrak Enterprise gives you tailored tools to easily get a bigger picture of organizational efficiency and security.

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Why ActivTrak?

Enterprise Benefits

ActivTrak requires a single, low profile agent. You can be up and running in seconds.
Actionable Insights
ActivTrak captures, records and displays real-time activity data for all users.
No code
or IT Required
Our platform requires zero coding knowledge, no IT support, and no infrastructure investment.
Analyze a Digital Twin
of Your Operations
Create a digital replica of your teams activities at their workstations. Use this data to optimize workflows, allocate costs and create a more efficient business.
activtrak enterprise employee monitoring and user behavior analytics real-time monitoring page
Realtime Monitoring Tools
Extract the Data
You Want
Gain access to raw data through csv/ftp export, MySQL, and Google Big Query.
Combine ActivTrak data with all key business metrics to slice, dice & optimize your organizational data.
Complete Activity
Audit Logs
Know when a change to your account was made, and who made it. Take it a step further, and set alarms for the audit log to receive alerts when key actions are taken.
Security & Deployment
With ActivTrak you have options. Choose where your data lives, how to configure security and hardware specifications.
Activtrak enterprise user behavior analytics real-time dashboard for efficient employee monitoring
Realtime Dashboard Screen
Choose where your data lives, and what gets stored. Redact personal information with ActivTrak DLP.
Sign On
Manage users from your choice of a single, central directory. Contact sales to learn what platforms are currently supported.
Need a custom solution? Let’s Chat! ActivTrak offer custom development for enterprise organizations looking to deploy ActivTrak.
SLA & Support
All implementations have clearly defined support agreements, complete with training & current roadmaps.
ActivTrak enterprise user behavior analytics and employee monitoring top users report
Top Users Chart


ActivTrak's data can be combined with hundreds of your favorite business and security products via data integration, or webhook notificaitons.

Agent Distribution Options
  • Direct
  • Distribution
    via Group Policy
  • Remote

ActivTrak for enterprise lets organizations  utilize ActivTrak’s behavior analytics suite at enterprise scale. Use ActivTrak either in the cloud along with a host of add-on options specifically suited to make managing enterprise-level users, data, and security simple, flexible, and robust.

Analyze the largest, most unmeasured asset within your company — its workforce.

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Core Features

We are big fans of ActivTrak! Loyalty and trust are the foundations for any company to grow and succeed, and ActivTrak helps us to know which employees are honest and loyal behind our backs and reward the right ones.

Catherine Tio, Director
Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd

ActivTrak has made it possible for us to collect real world data on employees’ internet access, and in most cases has proven that there is no cause for alarm. On the occasion where a serious breach of policy has been detected, ActivTrak gives us accurate data for the employee to be positively engaged to resolve the situation.

Jody Armstrong, IT Manager
Regenersis Huntingdon PLC

C3 Systems & Security Client Testimony

C3 Systems CTO, Chris Cunningham, shares his experience with implementing ActivTrak User Behavior Analytics on his customers' systems.

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