Video Playback Joins ActivTrak’s Suite of Features

ActivTrak Screen Recording Video Playback

We’re really excited about adding a new option for alarm reactions. Soon, Video Playback will become part of ActivTrak’s already robust insider threat detection arsenal. Many ActivTrak users have asked us to develop this tool, and we couldn’t be happier to make it available.

Integrate Video Playback in a Snap

Video recordings are as easy to set up as any other Alarm reaction. If you want to get started ASAP, use a Quick Configuration Alarm located in the Video menu. Prefer an Alarm tailored to your organization? Begin with a blank slate from the Alarm creation page. After you set up your conditions, navigate down to the Actions portion of the page. Select the checkbox in the Screen Captures panel to “Capture video when the alarm is triggered.”

We wanted to ensure recordings trigger at the correct moment and that they use as little processing power as possible. To do that, we added some simple requirements.

  1. Alarm conditions must use the “Match All” operation.
  2. Multiple conditions need to be defined.
  3. At least one condition should be something other than “User,” “Computer,” “IP Address,” or “Duration.” That leaves you with “Description,” “Executable,” “Logon Domain,” “Private Domain,” “Titlebar,” and/or “URL” to choose from.

How Does Video Playback Work?

The Agent now has the ability to record video of active machines’ screens. Since each computer could end up with several videos lasting up to 30 seconds each, we’ve integrated rolling memory allocation. In other words, we only store enough data locally to create the triggered video recording. The end result: A new video feature that doesn’t require an enormous amount of local storage space.

When a user performs an action that matches the predefined conditions, the Agent creates a recording that includes 15 seconds of activity after the event. It’s also possible to add 15 seconds of activity before the event to the video file, but we leave the decision to turn on that functionality to each account administrator.

Because you might need to research beyond the length of the video, we even developed a full-screen viewer that incorporates the ActivTrak Activity Log. You’ll have five minutes of activities, both before and after the video, to put the recording in the context of the user’s actions.

ActivTrak recording playback details

In a World Where…

Have a look at a quick announcement trailer for Video Alarms to get a glimpse of the feature in action.

watch 2-minute demo

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