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Startup helping startup. ActivTrak gives Biorev, LLC the tools to increase productivity, increase team focus and become profitable.

Executive Summary:

A startup with cutting edge technology wanted to implement Six-sigma Lean Methodology in their process on a key project. In order to do so, Biorev, LLC implemented ActivTrak’s software to gain control over their remote workforce productivity, increase focus during projects, and block distracting websites to keep team productivity high, and overall business flowing smoothly. With ActivTrak’s easy-to-use monitoring suite, Biorev can monitor productivity to ensure business goals are met.

Short Summary:

Using ActivTrak’s user behavior analytics service, Biorev became operationally profitable and ensured productivity meets business expectations.


Biorev, LLC is an international consulting and 3D rendering startup company that specializes in 3D rendering and animation, web design, mobile application development, and end-to-end manpower staffing solutions. Biorev has the track record, support, and service to take projects to a new level. Providing multiple services for a variety of large companies internationally from the construction industry to technology spaces, Biorev has zero space for errors, and less to correct them.

The Challenge:

Executive VP of Media and Digital Marketing, Sagar Gupta, contacted ActivTrak with a mission to improve his company’s performance, unfavorable team productivity, and to eliminate repeated errors on completed projects. Given that his entire team was working remotely, either from home or their offshore Indian offices, Sagar realized he did not have a detailed understanding of what was being done during working hours. Because he did not have control over his team’s internet and work activities, there were numerous errors in projects.

With Biorev trying to implement Lean Six Sigma Methodology in their process on a key project, Sagar wanted a solution that would give him complete control over his employee activities to ensure they were dedicated to their work, and not making those same errors from previous projects.

After preliminary research, Biorev came to find that many monitoring services come equipped with unnecessary features, which made the products complicated to use, and much more expensive than they could justify. Sagar realized these additional details provided little to no value in helping him solve his problem.

Moreover, as a startup, Biorev couldn’t justify paying hefty costs on a limited budget for unnecessary feature packages that didn’t directly address his clear, immediate issues.

The Solution:

After just over a week of using the free trial to test the software, Biorev decided to move forward with implementing ActivTrak across the entire company. The upgrade process was quick and painless. Sagar even managed to negotiate an extra agent free of charge!

Sagar soon realized that ActivTrak is truly a plug and play software, as he easily installed the tracking agent on every computer in his company, and configured all settings in under two hours. Once the data began to collect, Sagar knew ActivTrak was the answer Biorev had been looking for.

Specifically, Biorev loved the ability to label the productive value of activities, and block unproductive websites to keep employees on-task and focused. With ActivTrak, Biorev was back in complete control, and on top of their employee activity.

Success Story:

In less than a month, Sagar saw a complete turn-around in his team’s productivity, and increased operational profitability.

That key project where Biorev implemented ActivTrak actually won the company “Best Home Technology Product” at the NAHB 2017 International Builders’ Show® (IBS), because they were able to able to finish their projects on-time, free of errors and at the superior level of quality expected by both Sagar and Biorev as a whole.

All of Biorev’s computers are currently paired with ActivTrak’s agents. Biorev plans to use ActivTrak on every computer for every employee for the foreseeable future.

“ActivTrak was simply plug and play, believe it or not. It took me 2-3 mins per machine to get started and overall took me 1 hour to block all the unnecessary sites. In no time, I was ruling the entire thing, and was on top of my employees activity.”

– Sagar Gupta, Biorev, LLC EVP – Media & Digital Marketing 

About Biorev, LLC

Biorev provides photorealistic 3D renderings and 3D animations for the design/build industry, inventors, and product developers. Biorev is dedicated to customer service. We stand behind our work and we support client technology needs unconditionally. Biorev has the track record, support, and service to take your project to a new level. We create beautiful conversion-friendly websites, drive targeted website traffic, and create outstanding 3D Renderings and Animations. The staff at Biorev has been responsible for designing multimedia presentations for a variety of large companies internationally.

We are young HR technologies, outsourcing and Services Company, We provide end-to-end employee life cycle management solutions to organizations. Biorev is a leading HR Outsourcing company, specializing in HR Shared Services, Recruitment, Offshore Staffing, Consultancy Services, Technology solutions for web and mobile applications, Social Media Solutions and IT solutions

We are proudly serving clients globally ranging from IT to Construction Industry.

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