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[Product Update] New Reports, Better Management, and More!

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Product update 4/10/17
[Product Update] ActivTrak On-Prem, New report, New funtionality

We’ve released an On-premesis version of ActivTrak! This edition has all of the same features you know and love, but offers clients more control over data security and hardware choices. Click here to let us know you’re interested! More info coming soon! We have a new report!

Product update 2/24/17
[Product Update] Weekly Digest, On-Prem (beta) & More!

Now, you have a simple way to keep track of what’s going on with you ActivTrak account. Once a week, you’ll receive a handy little email that provides you with some high-level stats from your ActivTrak account. We think this will make managing your account much easier

[PRODUCT UPDATE] Mac Agent Auto-update is Here!

In addition to some small changes and style fixes, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added auto-update functionality to our Mac agents! This makes managing your monitored workstations much simpler.

Product Update 9/22/16
[Product Update] Screenshots Just Got a Lot Easier!

Taking screenshots just got a lot easier!

We decided that we needed to have a method for capturing screenshots a bit more light-weight, and easier to configure. Previously you had to create and activate an alarm in order to take a screenshot.

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