February 01, 2010

Lock, Logoff, Power off, Restart and Hibernate Workstation Remotely

ActivTrak is integrated with Screen Pass, the enhanced workstation locking system.

Screen Pass offers a number of advanced features to help administrators secure unattended workstations, including enforced screen saver settings, auto logout, auto shutdown, true administrator override, enforcement of ADS logon hours and more. All Screen Pass settings can be centrally managed.

If Screen Pass is installed on a computer along with the ActivTrak agent, a number of Screen Pass commands are available from the ActivTrak viewer.

To invoke a Screen Pass remote control command, select a workstation in a Net View or Session Track window. Then right click or use the File pulldown to select from the available Screen Pass commands. Commands include lock, unlock, logoff, logoff with notice, power off, restart, and hibernate.

Settings must be in place on the remote workstation to allow remote control from ActivTrak. Commands can be enabled all together or individually.

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