February 22, 2016

New Feature—Productivity Reports

New features - Productivity reports - Cover

Reports are some of the most useful pieces of information ActivTrak provides, as they clearly outline activity on your monitored devices, and provide proof of productivity levels when called into question.

With our new Productivity Report, managers get an at-a-glance picture of an employee’s activities during any given time span by taking a data ‘snapshot’ every five minutes (or any interval you set), categorizing the activity as productive or unproductive, then laying out this information color-coded on an easy to read timeline.

This timeline is created from summarized user activity recorded by the agent. Each time slot represents in average, the productive use of that time, allowing administrators to visually identify productive time periods.


Before, you could look at top websites and applications, as well as view activity and alarm logs to get an idea for how your monitored devices are being used. Now, you can look at one report that averages productivity levels throughout the day, letting you know where to research.

To view your productivity reports, simply go to the reports section in your navigation bar, expand the section, then click Productivity.

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