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Using ActivTrak’s employee monitoring and behavior analytics service, Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd can focus on business priorities by not worrying if their staff is on track and focused.

Executive Summary

A company with a focus on individually crafting iconic custom awards, Parry International Enterprise has no time to waste when it comes to customer service. With ActivTrak’s easy-to-use features, Parry can monitor or block websites that do not contribute to the productivity of employees, as well as determine which individuals need extra grooming so they can advance in the company.


Parry International Enterprise, an international custom-design award maker is known for its range and quality of trophy awards. With clients such as Chase, Adobe, and Prudential, the company has a high reputation to uphold.

The Challenge

When Director Catherine Tio began to suspect that one of the employees in the customer service department may be doing excessive personal tasks on the company’s time, she began investigating the issue. Catherine realized she needed a way to determine which employees were taking advantage of work hours for personal business, and she needed proof to avoid unnecessary confrontation.

The Solution

Catherine began researching ways to monitor employees and came across ActivTrak. Since the service offered a free trial, she decided to try it out. Integrating the entire service in less than half an hour, the whole process was fast and straightforward – no hoops to jump through.

It became immediately apparent that the software was a perfect match for Parry International Enterprise’s needs. Managers tracked application and web usage, see screenshots of every page visited and monitor the time viewed on each page.

ActviTrak’s simple installation process and intuitive interface fit well with what they were looking for, allowing them to see which employees remain focused when management wasn’t around. As a result, management could give additional attention to the employees in need, as well as reward productive employees.

Success Story

Since installing ActivTrak and upgrading to a paid plan in April 2014, Parry has been able to better monitor computer usage within the company. Where ActivTrak truly aligned with Parry was its screenshots and extra dashboard features, such as alarms and productivity reports. Managing employees’ internet usage resulted in a more focused workplace, upholding the high standards of excellence Parry is known for.

“We are big fans of ActivTrak! Loyalty and trust are the foundations for any company to grow and succeed, and ActivTrak helps us to know which employees are honest and loyal behind our backs and reward the right ones.”

– Catherine Tio, Director at Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd

About Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd

Parry International Enterprise Pte Ltd is the original design manufacturer of awards and recognition trophies and mementoes since 1975.

Armed with a wealth of more than three decades of experience in the corporate gifts servicing industry, Parry designs and builds custom awards or gifts for any client using a range of materials including crystal, glass, acrylic, wood, metal & fibrous materials.

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