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One of ActivTrak’s qualities we’ve continued to maintain since its inception is ease of use. Our engineering team keeps user experience top of mind as they design, develop, and test our software.

We know those efforts benefit every customer, and Business News Daily agrees. The website, dedicated to sharing small business solutions and inspirations, recently picked ActivTrak as the best free employee monitoring software!

Criteria for an Easier Buying Journey

BND’s mission statement is, “To provide the ideas, inspiration and solutions needed to help entrepreneurs and small business decision makers succeed.” It’s this vision that influenced the criteria in their study of dozens of employee monitoring solutions.

To whittle the extensive list down to twelve, BND consulted user reviews, explored company websites, and researched reviews from other online publications. The editorial team then set companies side by side to compare them against more detailed criteria. To do this, they downloaded free trials, watched video tutorials, and perused training materials. After all of this research, BND arrived at their decision based on the software’s activity monitoring features and ease of use.

Best Free Employee Monitoring Software

Author Adam C. Uzialko specifies several details beneficial to small businesses looking for a free employee monitoring solution. His experience with ActivTrak led Adam to the following conclusions:

  • ActivTrak is easy to install.
  • It’s “incredibly easy to use.”
  • The streamlined user interface is “easy to navigate even for first-timers.”
  • ActivTrak’s reports grant “keen insights into user activity and productivity.”
  • There’s not much of a learning curve.
  • Users can get up and running and feel comfortable with ActivTrak in “just a half hour of clicking around.”

Within his thorough breakdown of ActivTrak’s features and attributes, Adam names several useful tools that both paid and free accounts have access to:

  • Real-time activity monitoring – Provides a real-time overview of all the activity going on across your team. 
  • Productivity reports – Measure the productivity of individual employees and of your whole team.
  • Top applications reports – Keep tabs on which software apps users are accessing, when and for how long.
  • Website blocking – Rather than just labeling websites as “unproductive,”  block access to designated web content altogether.
  • Screenshots – Automated captured screenshots provide evidence of unacceptable behavior. 
  • Dashboard – Provides an overview of organizational activity, including productivity chart, real-time activity feed, top applications used, and the top websites visited. 
  • Alarms – Create custom alerts to let employees know they are violating policies, or to trigger automatic actions when an unproductive application is launched.
  • Customer Support – ActivTrak offers several customer support options, including in-product chat, email and phone support. Adam also spoke favorably of our series of online resources; including FAQs, how to videos, case studies and more.

We want to thank the team at Business News Daily for recognizing ActivTrak and highlighting the features our customers appreciate. 

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