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We recently interviewed John Buie, CEO of SCI Global Services, a global digital marketing agency serving some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical brands, to understand how ActivTrak helped SCI successfully transition to a remote workforce without disrupting employee productivity or overall business operations during COVID-19.

Q: How was ActivTrak rolled out to your remote workforce? 

A: While SCI executives are based in Toronto, more than 50 of our employees live overseas in the Philippines. Prior to COVID-19, they worked in our offices in Makati City, the country’s financial hub, and also in Dumaguete City. Before the government announced a shelter-in-place mandate at the end of March, we began allowing employees to work from home to ensure their safety. 

ActivTrak was presented as part of a package to help employees work from home – and to help us identify who might need more support or training resources. The deployment was really quick — we were able to have everyone up and running by 10 am on the first Monday they worked from home. I estimate that the total deployment time took less than 4 hours. 

Q: How are you using ActivTrak today? 

A: We’ve benefited from ActivTrak by learning which employees are most productive at ramping up on new tasks. Take Marketo, for example — a tool that we generally assumed was “productive” for everyone. With ActivTrak, we can now see who is actually using the tool and how effective they are with it. We’ve been able to identify team members who are spending a lot of time on education and research, which has allowed us to make changes to the onboarding process to help reduce some of that learning curve. In addition, we now have an easy way to  see which client accounts our team is working on and which tools they are leveraging to support those clients — allowing us to coach our employees on how to strike that perfect balance. 

Q: What other insights has ActivTrak given you?

A:With employees in two cities, we’ve always used a mix of team collaboration tools that include Google Hangouts, Slack, and Zoom to communicate. With ActivTrak, we’ve been able to group those tools as a category to see how much we’re using them, and which ones seem to be most effective and most utilized. It has validated our assumption that a significant portion of our day is spent communicating with each other – even more than we expected. It’s an important part of getting client work done right now, but I expect that our dependency on those tools will go down once we’re all back in the office and can more easily communicate in person.


ActivTrak has also helped us protect our business and ensure some operational guardrails are in place. For instance, when it comes to stock photo usage, ActivTrak helps us see if designers are following the right steps to log in to Getty Images and assign image licenses to the appropriate marketing campaign so we can avoid any legal issues down the road.

Q: What future plans do you have for your ActivTrak deployment? 

A: Overall, ActivTrak has been extremely easy to use and gives us a lot of flexibility for the future. Given the initial benefits we’ve seen, we plan to continue using ActivTrak for productivity improvements once our team returns back to the office. We’re even thinking of integrating ActivTrak into our ERP system for time allocations to help ensure our clients are getting billed accurately.

We also want to leverage ActivTrak to help us understand who are the most productive web developers, so we can leverage their knowledge and problem-solving skills, and develop training programs based on their success. 

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