4 Steps to Ensure Employee Productivity…They’re Not All What You Think!

Anton Seidler
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Having simple productivity guidelines in place doesn’t cut it anymore, as many businesses have found, but modern technology tools mixed with old-fashioned productivity tips can go a long way. We have compiled a list of steps to improve efficiency, engagement, and productivity in the workplace.
Some of them may seem outside of conventional wisdom, but Human Resource departments and managers will find that following them can lead to a happier workplace and better employee compliance with company policy on the use of technology.

Allow Brain Breaks

It is important for managers to acknowledge that everyone is human, and we all need a break from time to time. Short breaks are proven to help the brain function better! Intrinsically, it is perfectly reasonable to allow employees some freedom in conducting personal business while at work.

Relax Boundaries

Employers often overly restrict the use of the Internet. It may be out of fear that company computers might be misused, or because they’ve been burned before from being too lax.

With the amount of resources available online, the truth is that most tasks can be completed more efficiently if employees are allowed to roam freely online (often in ways not anticipated by the employer). One example is the use of social media, which can often have a valid business purpose. Marketing on social media is becoming more and more important to help businesses and employees grow, and social media can be useful in keeping up to date with competitors’ latest moves.

People multitasking

The key to increased revenue is improved productivity and engagement. Allow breaks, measure and then nurture your employees for a higher ROI.

Use Team Productivity Software and Employee Computer Monitoring

Recording usage of websites and applications can help companies keep track of productivity levels. With ActivTrak, employers can keep track of employee performance and identify problem areas. Our platform provides valuable aggregate data, with the information displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard. When managers can visualize where wasted time comes from, it becomes much easier to focus on eliminating those distractions, whether the issue stems from an individual or an entire department.

Rely on User Behavior Analytics to Nurture Employees

Employers should have a plan in place for counseling employees who may be falling behind due to unproductively. An employee’s unproductive hours may result from spending too much time on non-work-related sites or too many distractions in the workplace (whether in a traditional or home office).

With the insights gained from using ActivTrak, employers can work to help the individual reach their full potential and grow as a professional, or turn a department around that may be struggling. Setting goals based on the results of monitoring can prove extremely useful in raising productivity numbers.

Enjoy Workforce Optimization and Increased ROI

Through countless discussions with clients and from our own personal experiences, we have concluded that the most effective approach to improving workplace productivity is to allow employees to surf freely, but to be aware of their actions. Implementing the four steps above can lead to a more engaged environment with improved productivity, which can then lead to increased overall ROI for employers.

Read more tips on boosting team productivity on our Resources page and learn more about ActivTrak’s productivity solutions.

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