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User Behavior Analytics

When you upgrade to an ActivTrak Advanced plan you get unlimited storage, unlimited screenshots, video playback, USB detection, remote agent installation, file transfer alarms, webhook notifications, and much more. Our enterprise-grade software will instantly increase transparency, improve productivity, optimize workflows, and fortify security.  


$588/yr → $0

Create Educational Programs for Your Organization, and Analyze Their Success

Courselle is a cloud learning management system with integrated course editor, designed specifically for companies that want to build and maintain online learning process for their employees or customers with their current workforce.

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$1,188/yr → $0 Forever*

Sales, Marketing, and Support Tools you Need to Launch and Scale Your Business

Outseta is the only all-in-one platform integrating CRM, subscription billing, customer communication, and reporting tools that allows SaaS start-ups to launch with dramatically less technical and financial overhead.

*Up to 350 contacts

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Trust Activity

$228/yr → $0

Build Trust, Increase Conversion Rates

TrustActivity offers revolutionary solutions to increase conversion rates online. Our tools enable you to show proof of recent activity on your website, so visitors can trust your business more. Trust is a fundamental factor for online purchase decision making, and this is what our tools help you achieve: build more trust, so conversion increase and sales increase too.

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$600/yr → $0

Email and Form Submission Referral Tracking

Alfa-Track is the best way to define an advertising sources of emails, web form submissions and send data to Google Analytics. Our dynamic email tracking technology is similar to call tracking, but it works to track emails. You can discover which marketing campaigns are driving leads and revenue and which ones are unprofitable. We provide keyword-level attribution that allowing you to optimize marketing campaigns for ROI of each keyword.

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Hudway Go app — Premium

$5/yr → $0

Driver Directions, Heads up Display, Driving Score and Trip History

The only GPS navigation app with HUD mode designed to keep you focused on the road. All you trip stats (speed, fuel consumption, driving score) as you go and then some.

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Free Forever*

Vehicle and Mobile Phone Tracking & Analytics

Uboro is a cloud tracking platform with tracking apps for fleet owners, general managers, logisticians or private entities. In general, it's perfect for all who care about which of their field employees, vehicles, assets or loved ones are safe and have achieved their goal on time.

*Up to 2 objects tracked

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