Insider Threat Detection with ActivTrak

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User & Activity Risk Scoring

Understand insider threats at your organization with ActivTrak’s Alarm Risk Scores.

Think of this as a curated version of your SEIM System. Instead of a data lake filled with unrelated, uninformative events, risk scoring gives you a tailored list of key security risks, telling you where it’s happening and who’s doing it.

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Digital Asset Monitoring

ActivTrak’s visibility leaves no stone unturned. You’ll know when an unsavory website or restricted file has been accessed and who went there.

If a user is a security risk, you’ll see it, and you’ll have the tools at your fingertips to track and prevent a breach.

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Protect Your Intellectual Property

Watch and restrict access to privileged files and information using screenshots and alarms.

ActivTrak’s activity log will tell you every action performed on your monitored workstation, be it online or off. If there is a security breach, you’ll be able to find where it came from and who was responsible.

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Malicious Website Blocking

Protect yourself & your organization by ensuring malicious websites are never visited over your networks.

Proactively and retroactively block any website with the click of a button.

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Screenshot Redaction

We care about your security and the protection of your data. ActivTrak employs features specifically designed to safeguard sensitive information captured and stored within your ActivTrak account, no matter who has access.

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