What is Activity Tracking Software?

What is Activity Tracking Software?

There are many reasons why companies are tracking their employees’ computer activity. While increased business use of the internet has resulted in many new opportunities, it has also opened the door for more potential misuse of company equipment. It is possible for employees to send personal e-mails from their workstations, conduct on-line shopping expeditions, access online games, or spend time on social networking websites or other sites that have nothing to do with their work responsibilities. Open access to the web also gives some employees the opportunity to engage in behavior that is inappropriate, illegal, or that can jeopardize the security of the company. Employee misbehavior on the internet can add up to both a waste of money and less productivity for a company. It can also lead to serious liability risks.

Employers have the right and responsibility to track employees’ computer activities. Because the workplace owns the equipment, the company can set the ground rules for how computer stations should be used. Many companies already have official policies against using company workstations for anything unrelated to company business. However, with multiple employees, monitoring how people are using computers can be quite a challenge. That is where activity tracking software can really make the difference.

ActivTrak. Activity Tracking Software

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 3.42.39 PM ActivTrak is a leading activity tracking software product that employers can use. ActivTrak is loaded with user-friendly features that make it simpler to successfully track employee activity. Using ActivTrak, you can monitor several computer users at once in real time. You can compile useful statistical information on the applications and documents employees have used in addition to the websites they have visited. ActivTrak software even has an alarm system that can warn you of activity that is out of the ordinary. In addition to activity tracking, ActivTrak allows you to chat with computer users and can act as a blocking device to prevent the use of certain websites or applications.

Installed on each workstation, this activity tracking software allows the viewer to take a snapshot of the user’s screen as they are working. The snapshot can be refreshed as often as is needed. In this way, an employer can view real time images of multiple users’ computer stations.

At the same time, it also records complete URLs for a browser and application usage time and compiles the data into convenient statistics. This method of using the titlebar as a basis for collecting statistics makes ActivTrak different from other activity tracking software.

How can your company benefit from Activity Tracking Software?

A company can benefit from ActivTrak in several ways. Since it gives you a precise picture of what applications and websites are being used, it takes the guesswork out of how your employees are using their computers. It ensures greater employee accountability and productivity by preventing behavior that is a waste of company dollars. It allows you to keep your workstations more secure. It can even benefit honest, hard-working employees because they can be secure in knowing that their employers are able to focus monitoring specifically on those who use company resources inappropriately. Using ActivTrak can help save time, money, and help both employers and employees to remain focused on the business at hand.

Check out some of our case studies (below) to see how actual customers have benefitted from ActivTrak:

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