We have released a new step-by-step ActivTrak tutorial. Activtrak Tutorialshows how to install and use ActivTrak – employee monitoring software.

If you are a blogger or a columnist, we have a very special offer for you. Write a short feedback, review or an article about ActivTrak and we will offer you a fully functional perpetual license for 2 users free of charge. That’s $ 60.00 USD value!

Each blogger who will learn about ActivTrak using online tutorial or download ActivTrak demo from our site, post a review about it on his blog and tell us about it in a reply to this letter , will get a free license for two users. All reviews are welcome, we listen to your comments that’s how we improve. The review must be at least 100 words long, must include a link to ActivTrak’s site. We will appreciate it if you let your blog readers know of this offer.

Click here to download ActivTrak logo.

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